Thursday, November 22, 2012

(Can I love God Part 2) Social Justice Anyone?

Remember I told about 1 John 4 "God is Love." many people have trouble understanding Him as love as well as Holy and Just all at once. So, let me explain how Christ reconciles the perfect Holiness of God (He must to uphold righteousness and justice by nature and His character makes Him forever true to His Word and Holy standards) Well, how then do Grace and Wrath fit in the same plan? God must uphold Justice and "the wages ( consequence or punishment) of sin is death (romans 3)" and in the same chapter "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Now, if God must remain Holy and perfect and be the perfect Judge that His is, and you wouldn't want it any other way, than He has to punish sin. We as finite beings and sinners may ask "is that fair?" Yes, it is what we all deserve, no matter how nice a person seems, sin is still present.... that's why Jesus came. And you and I know that Jesus had to have chosen to come for lots of reasons.
If people don't want God to punish sin than Holiness and true Justice would not be exercised, and what would Jesus have died for? Jesus' death paid the "wages of sin" for "those who believe (john 1:12 and 3:16)" So, his love and mercy created a bridge to justice and wrath. For those who believe, God poured out the wrath and punishment that we earned unto Christ on the cross . Jesus' sacrifice satisfies true and fair justice, because OUR sin, for those who accept it, has been paid for, we are covered by the precious Blood of The Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world. Those who reject God's act and extension of divine love, grace and mercy, may say "I'll take my chances, or maybe He'll let me off the hook?" and still have to pay for the "wages" that they have earned by sinning over an over. Jesus offers them the chance for Him to pay their debt for them and some people refuse, thinking “if my good wages (deeds and their consequential actions) out weigh my bad ones than maybe that will be enough?" But as long as sin is still unaccounted for (by God who knows all), than the one who committed the sins will be held accountable for them unless they can pay or someone else (namely JESUS) can pay it for them.
Some people think they may think that this life gives them enough time to do enough good works to get by, but the law of God demands and requires perfection which only comes from Him any way. If we try to obtain perfection some other way we would “fall short” like Romans 3 says. Jesus said in the gospels that every “word" and "a man's works" will be judged according to what a person has done. Its more than fair, for God has given us an opportunity to receive a redemption that even angels don not get. AND His also gave us Himself, His Son, God in the Flesh. He came and dwelt among us (John 1). So, if God dies for us than that is above and beyond what a limited sense of justice like ours would obligate Him to do. His Mercy is so great because he didn't have to do all that just for us, He had the power and the right to destroy us all. And remember that God is Life itself and separation from Him, or Life, is death. than death is what we deserve, separation from Him, which is what hell truly is, I chose Christ I chose Life, you see? Any way, you may have heard this but I know that God's wrath is hard to understand sometimes, I just wanted to assure you that the God who has"lavished His love on us (Paul said)" is the same God who "will judge the living and the dead (1 peter)"AND that this is a good and marvelous truth that God can be both LOVE and JUSTICE all at once.

Praise God, Amen!! thanks for reading with and open heart. love you - B

Its like this, God is the Judge and Love as well. Let's Imagine a court room, maybe the Judge
(played by GOD) would be examining this case. The accuser (the devil) could say, “Your Honor, in the case of “the Law versus “mankind”, you have admitted to the whole human race, as recorded in their own texts, that “all like sheep have gone astray (Book of Isaiah)” and giving them your own Holy Law stating, “Chose this day... life or death (Exodus and Deuteronomy).” Therefore you're own words condemn them. Should you not correct this matter? than let the defendants be sentenced immediately.” And then the Defense counsel (Jesus) who is also the prosecution ( He would be the only one qualified for both positions) could say, “Your honor, Father, I do not need to remind this court of the agreement we had before the foundation of the world and the creation of mankind.” The judge could reply, “What I have done, I have done. All have sinned and fallen short of my Glory and the wages of (their) sin is death. Since, my glory has been dishonored and evil has taken place because of this sin, the price of death must be paid that My Law may be upheld in perfect justice.” So, maybe the Judge sends a summons letter, a copy of the law and explanations thereof (all 3 are in the Bible) to those who represent the whole human race (Prophets and Apostles). And part of the letter could say something like this, “Because of your deeds and disregard for the law a sentencing must commence-but your Advocate (lawyer) and I have come to an agreement that fulfills the law to the fullest degree, and still gives each of you a chance to pay for the damages that you have done according to your works... we have decided that you have exactly one lifetime or how ever long you live, to find someone else to pay this debt for you, since you are unable. He must be blameless and without sin, and worthy of the highest honor and praise in order to withstand death (the punishment) and my wrath. I am pleased to announce to the defendants, that the defense counsel Himself, Jesus Christ my own Son, has offered to pay these damages for you in accordance with the terms of the law. He has appeased my Holy anger and satisfied my jealous and compassionate love for you by willingly shedding His own blood unto death for each of you and rising again unto glory So, do you accept His offer and come into agreement with my only Son and I?” Now, God is really a Judge and Jesus is our real Advocate and doesn't this scenario sound somewhat similar to the Bible?

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