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“A Story of Three Men / or A Parable of the Trustworthy King?”

“A Story of Three Men /or
A Parable of the Trustworthy King?”

The Kingdom of God is similar this story:

There was a certain King who was the most righteous and noble of all kings, famous for his mighty deeds and known for His godly character. One day, He was deeply grieved because some of his own servants had betrayed him and rebelled against his father’s kingdom. He was not surprised, for many people did the same to his father. Therefore, he set it in his heart to obey the command of his father, “let us dwell not only with loyal servants but among a people to receive as our own. Ones who will love and trust us as sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters do.”

So, he began searching the entire earth for trustworthy people to call his own and fellowship with: that they would experience the love that he and his father shared together. During his adventures, he once traveled as a Sheppard, allowing humble garments to temporarily veil his royal clothing.

Eventually, he came upon a large city that was full of wickedness, and met three people outside its gates; an angry person, an indecisive one, and friend with a soft heart.

The first man came running from the opposite direction and rushes towards the city. He attempted to push the king aside, but the famous one was as an unmovable rock and kept him from his pursuit of wickedness. This man became angry and yelled at Him, “Who are you to get in my way?” So, the king revealed himself, but the angry one did not believe him. “You can’t be this man who you claim to be. I have heard many different things from all kinds of people regarding the king and he is not like you. Besides he does not come this way.” However, before the angry one could leave, the king warned him once more, “I tell you the truth, I AM. Also, if you continue on this path, you will surely die tonight. Rather, believe me for who I am. Come sup (eat) with me tonight, that you may dwell in my father’s house as one of our own. Then you we would trust one another and you will surly have abundant life and not taste death.” The man did not listen or heed the king’s godly warning and invitation, but hurried off into the city and pursued all his sinful desires.

A second man was wondering indecisively back and forth outside the city entrance, and asked the godly king for advice. They immediately recognized each other, and began walking and talking together.Then the trustworthy king invited him as he did with so many others, “Come sup (eat) with me, and dwell in my father’s house as a member of my own family. I will give you rest for your weary soul and you will have life. Then we might trust one another and live in peace.” The indecisive man was flattered by the request, but politely declined, “Though you are very willing to help me and I remember how trustworthy and powerful you are, I must do as I please for now. Later I will come, after short while. Once I have tried my own way in this city, doing all that I want with my own strength Then, I will surly come.” The trustworthy king was deeply saddened once more, but not surprised. He replied gently, “I tell you the truth, you are right in saying that I AM. Though my invitation is always yours, if you continue on this path you will surely die this very night while you sleep in your drunkenness. Rather, believe me for who I am ever more. Come follow me, be with me forever and you will most assuredly have life to the fullest.” However, the man convinced himself that he would come later and insisted that he go his own way for a period of time.

A third man was traveling in the same direction as the godly king and following in his footsteps along the same path. He begins walking beside him. “It is you!” he shouts joyfully, “Just as I have heard from your trusted friends! I too, am in search of those with good character that we might be as brothers and dwell in peace together. Yet, I am tired from the trials of my journey; let’s stop in the city for a while. I know this place is evil, so we won’t stay long.” He then led him to the entrance of the city gates but the good king stopped and rebuked him gently, “if you continue on this path, you will surely die tonight.” Then the tired one, in holy fear, took him at his word and believed. So, he asked, “My gracious king, you are truly greater than all man I have ever known. Say the word, and I will obey. Therefore, tell me how I may find life instead of death?” The king answered, “You have brought me great delight good and faithful servant. For I know you will believe me for who I am and serve me through the ends of your days. Come, you are now my brother. Follow me, and we will sup (eat) together, and dwell with my father in peace. Then, you will have the abundant life you seek.”Immediately, he came to his senses and heeded the words of the king. Therefore, they turned around and did as the king had instructed.

Later that very night, just as the king prophesied, a band of robbers came and burned the wicked city to the ground. Everyone there, including the first two men, was killed. Though they were warned by the most trustworthy of all men, and the greatest king is history, they did not believe.

On his journey, the king found more people who would not repent and take his hand, but the countless others who longed for the love of his father and joined him became as numerous as the stars.


The Meaning:
The godly king one represents Christ, the King of all kings: God Himself inviting men to His home (Heaven) to be one with Him, and adopting them as sons of God. The angry man is in rebellion towards God and knows his own selfishness and stubbornness. He persists to do things his way and dies because he did not believe God that “the road to destruction is wide.” Instead, this person believed what others people said and even believed wrongly or incorrectly about God. The second man is someone who is familiar with God but never knew Him intimately. He wants to join God, but is led astray by the world and his own sinful desires. The third is one who is in continual search for God, but has worn himself out by trying to do much of his rightful journey by his own strength. He begins towards destruction, but his childlike faith, given him by the Holy Spirit causes him to heed (trust and obey) the word of the Lord instead. The wicked city burning to the ground represents “the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth” that Jesus calls Hell or Hades. The two men made their choice and the righteous man his as well. What will yours be? Proverbs of Solomon: There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death: Many are the plans of a man’s heart, but the will of God prevails:Trust in the LORD with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledged Him and He will direct your paths. Also, Isaiah prophesied, “there is not one person righteous, we have all like sheep, gone astray to our own wicked ways.”-

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