Monday, March 23, 2009

Stereotypes of christians in the West

Being the Brideof Christ and loving our enemies (as Christ taught):

I am praying that more Christians will take their place in the Spirit as of the Bride of Christ, who adorns herself with love and truth, justice and peace. Spreading that which she recieves freely from her redeemer and bridegroom, Jesus Christ the holy and annointed one King of Kings and Lord or Lords. -

Personally, I want to hear from Christians and nonbelievers on some things: I love that most of the time I meeting Christ followers from every walk of life, they are usually NOT "tomatoe-throwing- cross burning-abortion-clinic-bombers. " Those are usually extreme cases, not repesenting all of us. I am not in favor of homosexuality or abortion, but I don't cast stone s and tomotoes in my spare time and I have never been or known any one associated with a the "KKK." Don't get me wrong, most of us that I know, hold to the Word of God, which is God breathed (1 timothy), when it clearly states verses against homsexuality and verses that show God's presence and plan for people while still in the womb (psalm 139, jere 1). though some bible verses are explained more thouroughly with contextual and historical factors like, "the original audiance, who wrote it" and when was it written" but verses that agree in context with the Bible as a whole are usually not ment to be misinterpreted. Anyway, I am saying that "hate the sin not the sinner" and " let the one who is without sin cast the first stone. (john 8)" just because we don't excuse sinful lifestyles and choices, does not make us (the christians I know) "hate-monguls" or whatever. - I am letting Jesus cast the stone in His time, ofcourse with Sodom and Gomorroh is was more like a meteorite, and in John 8 (for that specific case) He chose to not stone the woman caught in adultery at all and said "go and leave your life of sin." So, like romans 12, Jesus is into transformation and repentance and forgiveness as a more effective way of dealing with sin than stoning. I know that in the end there will be judgment and wrath, but we are currently in a time of 'availible grace' from Jesus untill that Judgment comes. besides ,He did DIE for these things (transformation/ repentance/ forgiveness) to make that grace possible. Ok, He said that He is Truth (John 14). so, we do need to not comprimise. I am sending a reminder also that grace be amajor factor in lifestyle just as upholdinhg truth is. Being Spirit Filled and Spirit Led, like PAul says, is the only way to powerful and inwardly extend God's grace, foor we must recieve it first before we gave give it. "freely it is given freely receive" (Jesus) I think He wants a Bride who surley upholds Holiness and is full of grace. For "he came full of GRACE AND TRUTH (John 1)-

Stereo types:
I wonder.... when did political and descriptive terms like "republican" , and "democrat" or even "conservative", "evangelical" and "liberal" become "dirty-words" for some people- have you ever been around someone and said one of these terms, like "evanngelical" and they began ranting on about all types of stereotypes and mixing opinions with facts while the vein in their forehead is about to burst.- what's up with that!

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